Latvian Association of Civil Engineers (LACE)

Latvian Association of Civil Engineers (LACE) is a voluntary organization open to all professional civil engineers, adjoining professionals operating in the Republic of Latvia.

LACE  operates  under  the  established  rules  of  Latvian  „Public  organizations  and  Unions  act” and  therefore  has  all  legal  rights  to  function  as  a  resourceful  creative  union.

LACE was founded in 1924, but it discontinued its operations after the occupation of Latvia in 1940. LACE was reestablished at the Congress of Engineers on May 27, 1989. At the Congress, LCEU revised its activities, passed new statues, as well as elected new Board and its Chairman.

Today LACE unites more than 700 professionals from all regions of Latvia. This number includes not only civil engineers, but also designers, architects, as well as road, bridge, water, heating and plumbing engineers.

LACE activities include design and construction development with close ties to education and scientific institutions.

LACE operates in 12 professional target sections, and has 10 regional departments in Daugavpils, Cesis, Jelgava, Jekabpils, Kuldiga, Liepaja, Madona, Rezekne, Valmiera and Ventspils.

LACE comprises SIA „LBS - Konsultants”, the main goal of which is to offer professional technical services (expertise of construction designs and construction objects, technical inspections of construction objects, consultancy services) to participants of construction.

LACE has its own „Latvian Association of Civil Engineers Court of Arbitration”, its goal is to offer professional legal services to all participants of construction.

LACE is a member of European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE).